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Atteev’s music is unabashedly real and candid, building a narrative through melodies and lyrics that connect with his audience at a stroke. Creating a safe space through music, he encourages his audience to explore the unfiltered, unmasked versions of themselves. Having lived in Mumbai and New York, Atteev’s music explores the spectrum of human experience from anxiety-inducing to heartwarming.


Atteev’s songs reflect his fervent emotions and earnest instances which showcase the strength & relief that comes from stripping off the superficial facade that one puts up for the world to see, making up the core of his music. A startling combination of the attributes- vulnerability & authenticity, seeps soothingly into every song of his. Pairing this with a lush yet futuristic production style that ranges from Emotional Rock to Industrial Punk, House Euphoria to Indian Classical, he encompasses subtle messages through metaphorical lyricism, which he considers as the mirror of his music.

Outdoing himself in the genres of Indie-pop & Pop, he often takes inspiration from Jon Bellion, Lauv, Jeremy Zucker, Bazzi, Ritviz, and Zaeden among the rest. He admires Ed Sheeran for his raw and authentic musicality and Jon Bellion for his ingenious way of blending pop-styled beats with pondering lyricism. 


Taking his first small step towards what has now unfolded into a laudable journey, he started writing on his phone & laptop with the hope of getting his music out there into the world. This nascent musical process was hit by the pandemic, but his artistic capabilities fought and rose above it. He turned the events in his favour and laid the foundations for his career by using that time as a headstart to hone and excel in his skills. This creative process also helped him overcome his anxiety and self-doubt by channelling them into his passion. As an artist and individual, the whole process made him more perceptive in conversation and comprehension. 


he released his first EP - Fragments of My Former Self, in May 2020, after which he went on to release 12 songs in the span of 6 months. The year 2021 was a year of reflection and growth as he released his first Hindi single - Tu Hi Hai, which was received excellently well by the audience. Only a year later, he released his second Hindi single - Fitoor on the label Selekt by Koinage. 


A testimony to the heights his hustle & hope have achieved is his commendable features in the acclaimed Rolling Stones. With an impressive rise in numbers in Spotify Streams & monthly listeners, he has also been featured in New Music Friday on Spotify. Adding feathers to this, his music has been featured in several reputed playlists including - Indie-pendent India and Fresh Voices on Jio Saavn.

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Contact & Bookings


Tel: +91 99200 58030

Address: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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